Custody account insurance

Shield your family from financial worries in the event of your accidental death. If you have securities in a Custody account with our bank, you can ensure that your family receives extra cash, rather than having to wait until your securities are released.

What is Custody account insurance?

Custody account insurance pays out 35% of the insured value of the account in the event of the holder (or joint holder)'s accidental death (minimum and maximum payouts apply).


The percentage of the insured value to be paid out declines progressively after the insured person reaches the age of 70. In the event of accidental death between the ages of 70 and 84 20 % of the insured value will be paid out. The rate is then reduced to 10% for people aged between 85 and 94, and 5% for people aged 95 or above.

What constitutes an accident?

An accident is deemed to be any event resulting from a sudden, chance occurence with an external cause, independent of the insured person's organism, leading directly to the person's death.

Death as the immediate consequence of a fall, a road traffic accident or drowning is equated with "accidental death".


  • Reassurance: shield your family from financial worries in the event of your accidental death.
  • Rapid payment: the beneficiaries will have rapid access to cash.
  • Forward-looking: your family will be able to pay some or all of any inheritance tax due on the assets in the Custody Account.



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