Gift insurance

Have you thought of safeguarding against the effects of sudden death yet? If you envisage gifting movable assets to your children or grandchildren as part of your succession planning, a stroke of bad luck could result in your heirs paying death duties. Your private banker is at your disposal to present this exclusive cover to you.

What is Gift insurance?

Gift insurance is intended to cover any death duties a donee might have to pay for an unregistered gift – a gift, gift by transfer or gift received via notarial deed abroad – if the donor dies suddenly or accidentally within three years of the gift being made.

In the event of gifting movable property, gift insurance is therefore an alternative to registration, which results in paying gift duties of 3%, 5% or 7%.


  • Unique: gift insurance offers exclusive protection to anyone planning a gift by delivery in his or her succession;
  • targeted: it is aimed specifically at donors aged between 60 and 75;
  • specific: the guarantees differ from those of accident insurance or "all causes" term life insurance; and
  • Simple: the premium is payable yearly and in one go.



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    The gift insurance cover is significantly more extensive than that of traditional accident insurance since it includes death as a consequence of sudden illness and death without a precise cause. However, unlike "all causes" death insurance it does not cover every illness. For example, it does not cover death as a result of diseases that progress or proliferate such as cancer, leukemia and lymphoma.

The medical formalities to be completed for gift insurance depend on the age of the donor and the amount to be insured.

In general, they are less complicated than when taking out term life insurance. So there are fewer rejections for medical reasons and less risk of extra premiums.

The capital to be insured equals the estimate of any death duties payable by the donee in the event the donor dies within three years of making the gift, with at least EUR 5,000 per policy.


Given that any death duties payable on the gift depend on the total assets transferred to the donee on the death of the insured/donor – at progressive rates – and that these assets could increase further prior to death, the estimate of the death duties to be covered as part of the gift is left to the discretion of the client.



A specific case:

Directly and at the maximum marginal rate of death duty, a sum insured of EUR 125,000 provides cover for a gift of more than EUR 416,000 in Brussels and the Walloon region and more than EUR 462,000 in Flanders. If the gift is the sole basis for calculating the death duties, these progressive rates apply: insured capital of EUR 125,000 in this case corresponds to an amount gifted of about EUR 630,000.


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