Rental Deposit Savings Account

You want to rent a property? Remember you will have to provide a two-month rental deposit.

What is a Rental Deposit Savings Account?

This is a normal savings account in the name of the tenant which contains the blocked rental deposit to protect the landlord in case the tenant fails to meet his obligations. The rental deposit is returned at the end of the tenancy agreement on the condition that the tenant has met all his obligations.


  • Secure: the Rental Deposit Savings Account is governed by the deposit guarantee system.
  • Payment of interest: you will take advantage of a nice interest on your capital.
  • Advantageous tax treatment: according to the tax legislation in force natural persons are exempted from withholding tax on interest. 
  • In some cases, the blocked deposit can be replaced by proof of your employer's reputation.
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The Tenancy Deposit Account offers private individuals a nice tax relief, in the form of an amount of interest exempted from withholding tax, and adjusted to the index on an annual basis.

Natural persons enjoy an annual exemption. For 2015 the exemption is EUR 1,880.


This exemption is applied to each Savings Account for withholding tax.


Married and legally cohabiting couples who open a savings account in both their names even enjoy double exemption on this Savings Account. Interest for which the bank cannot apply an exemption is subject to 15% withholding tax.


If you have benefited from exemptions for several Savings Accounts (including those of your minor children) for which the exemption ceiling has been exceeded, you are obliged to declare on your income tax return the amount in interest payments from which no withholding tax was deducted and which exceeds the exemption ceiling.

The payment of interest consists of:

a basic interest, which is calculated on a daily basis. The basic interest rate is not guaranteed and can vary in function of changes in the market circumstances.

a loyalty premium. This is calculated on every deposit which stays on the account for 12 consecutive months. The loyalty premium is guaranteed for the entire acquisition period.


The value date is the date when a deposit starts or stops generating interest. A deposit generates interest at the latest from the calendar day after the date of the deposit and stops generating interest on the day of the withdrawal.



Every year the acquired interest is added to the capital of the savings account within the first bank working days with value date 1 January.

A savings account can never be overdrawn and shall therefore never owe debit interest.

By virtue of the law the rental deposit shall be deposited with a financial institution on a special account opened in the name of the tenant.


The rental deposit shall be deposited into the savings account in one transaction and may not be more than two months' rent.


Both capital and interest remain blocked on this account.


The deposits can only be released with the permission of the tenant and the landlord or following a court order.

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