Retirement savings

Are you prudent or aggressive? We have a pension plan that corresponds exactly to your investor profile.


What is Pension Savings?

Pension savings is a way of significantly increasing your pension when you reach your 65th birthday. You save monthly or annually and build up a comfortable capital for the future … while paying less tax now.


  • Freedom: Opt for the pension savings plan that best corresponds to your investor profile. Change strategy as and when you feel it is required.
  • Less tax: take full advantage of the tax breaks now.
  • Certainty: a significant capital to supplement your pension.

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The principle underlying pension savings is simple: you set aside a sum of money each month or every year. We invest this sum at an attractive rate and you get a supplementary capital when you retire.


What makes our pension savings so special is the freedom you have to choose between three pension funds. The differences between them? These relate to portfolio diversification and the proportion of high-risk equities that include. You can therefore opt for the pension savings plan that best corresponds to your investor profile.

We offer three basic portfolios designed for three types of investors. You can therefore always find a plan that suits you.


  • Fortis B Pension Fund Stability : the safest plan. You invest 30% of your premiums in equities and 70% bonds. Ideal in the last few years of your investment to protect the capital you have built up. 
  • Fortis B Pension Fund Balanced: the perfect middle way. You invest 50% of your premiums in equities and 50% bonds.
  • Fortis B Pension Fund Growth: the plan with the best growth potential. You invest 70% of your premiums in equities and therefore maximise your potential return. Ideal for the first few years of your investment.


Want to switch plans? It could not be easier. And at no additional cost, of course.

This year, you can invest a maximum of EUR 940 in your pension savings plan. You can, however, deduct this premium from your declarable income. This gives you an immediate tax break of EUR 282.


Married couples can both deduct their pension-savings premiums from their tax.

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