Bank savings certificate

You want your money to be safe and give you a good return. A bank savings certificate gives you all you want.

What is a bank savings certificate?

A bank savings certificate is a safe form of investment. It combines a fixed term with a return known at the outset and guaranteed for the life of the certificate. You choose the term and can subscribe at any time.


  • Safe investment: fixed interest rate for the entire term
  • No exchange rate risk: bank savings certificates are issued in euro.
  • Inexpensive: held free of charge in a Custody Account.

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A bank savings certificate is a dematerialised bond(*) issued on tap by BNP Paribas Fortis . There are various types:  
  • 1 to 10 year bank savings certificate  
  • 1 to 10 year growth bond(**)  


(*) A dematerialised security is a security booked to a custody account which is not available in physical form. Since 1 January 2008, it has not been possible to issue bank savings certificates in bearer form.

(**) A growth bond is a type of bank savings certificate. The total return on the investment is received on maturity. The gross annual interest accrues further interest (it is "capitalised").


Subscription amountminimum EUR 250, no maximum



  • Resident: withholding tax.
  • Non-resident: exemption from withholding tax, if:
    • registered and held in a custody account;
    • and certificate no. III is signed (this certificate is valid for all subsequent entries);
    • and capitalisation of interest is waived.

Example 1

You buy a 3-year bank savings certificate of EUR 2,500 with gross interest of 3.00%.

Each year, you receive gross interest of EUR 75 (i.e. EUR 225 over 3 years).

On maturity your invested capital is repaid to you.


Example 2

You buy a 3-year growth bond of EUR 2,500 with gross interest of 3.00%.
After three years, you receive your capital of EUR 2,500 + capitalized interest for the past three years, i.e. EUR 231.82 gross.

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