Funds with capital protection

Tempted by the potential return on equities? But leaving yourself exposed to the risks of stock market investment is out of the question? Funds providing capital protection at maturity are an excellent solution to your dilemma.


With funds providing full protection of your initial capital (less costs) at maturity, you can link your potential return to high-risk assets, such as equities, without investing in them directly.


  • Full capital protection for the initial capital invested (after deduction of charges) at maturity:
  • Possibility of targeting a potentially high return with complete peace of mind
  • The term of the investment is fixed at the outset
  • A wide variety of investment mechanisms and policies: you can therefore diversify the underlying assets (basket of shares, stock market index, commodities, currencies, interest rates, etc.), the terms, the mechanisms (step funds, gearing, lookback, etc.) and the forms of income (dividends or capital gains).



As a promoter, BNP Paribas Fortis constantly markets sub-funds with capital protection at maturity.
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