We are delighted to offer students with original ideas the opportunity to find out what it is really like to be an entrepreneur.

What are mini-enterprises?

Mini-enterprises are real companies on a smaller scale: they have a product, accounts, shares, a marketing plan, directors and a business account.


  • Expert guidance: a dream coach guides you from the outset.
  • Extra budget: we offer a holiday bonus on top of your salary at the end of the programme.


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Any group of 12 students can launch a mini-enterprise. With the assistance of a coach, an experienced entrepreneur, they carry out market research and choose a product.


Then the real work starts:

  • Issuing shares and paying money into an account;  
  • Calculating and paying the mini-salaries;
  • Appointing directors and a managing director.  


At the end of the year, the students assess their own results with their coach.

We are there to support young people launching a mini-enterprise. Besides a free account, we also offer all mini-enterprises a small bonus at the end of the programme... 10% of their salary as holiday pay.

Vlajo (Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen/Flemish Young Enterprises): official website (NL)  

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