Straight Loan

Does your company have large short-term cash requirements? Apply to your bank for an advance.

What is a Straight Loan?

A Straight Loan allows you to borrow a large amount for a short period of time. An ideal solution for meeting an unexpected need for cash, financing your business cycle or balancing out your income and expenditure.


  • Available quickly: you do not need to provide any supporting documents when you draw out the money and the funds are made available within 48 hours.
  • Fixed term: you decide the term of the loan and the precise amount you need at the outset.
  • Low and transparent costs: you only pay interest on the amount you actually use and you know exactly how much interest you have to pay (interest rate fixed for each sum drawn down).


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We jointly determine the term of your Straight Loan and the amount you need on the basis of your cash requirements. The only limits are a credit line for minimum EUR 100,000, with a minimum amount of EUR 25,000 per drawdown and a maximum term of one year per drawdown.


The amount is credited to your current account immediately and you use it as you choose. When the loan expires, you repay the amount you have borrowed plus the interest due.

What happens if you die before your Straight Loan is repaid? There will be major financial implications for your family. Take out Level Term Life Assurance on your loan.


Your family will then not be responsible for repaying it.


Max is a retailer. He buys and sells goods. Generally, he has sufficient cash. It is not sufficient, however, for him to buy up exceptional lots when the opportunity arises.


Max therefore applies for a Straight Loan, which is granted to him for an indefinite period. He identifies a particular lot of goods; to give himself the chance of acquiring it, he asks us for an advance. This advance is quickly credited to his account and Max can buy the goods.


He sells the lot one month later, the added bonus being a nice profit. He repays his loan when it matures, together with the interest.

Lender: BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE0403.199.702. Subject to acceptance of your application.

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