Financial Leasing

Want to invest in a new fork-lift truck? The latest computers? Stagger your payments with the Financial Leasing arrangement.

What is the Financial Leasing arrangement?

With financial leasing, we buy your new equipment and vehicles for you. You rent the equipment for a given period of time and can then buy it at a favourable price later on.


  • Staggering payments: you repay on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Staggering of VAT payments: we prefinance the VAT in full; you repay it later in the rental charge.
  • Total freedom: you decide exactly what you want to buy and you negotiate directly with the supplier of your choice.
  • Flexibility: the purchase is financed in full. If you want to contribute yourself, you can do so via a higher initial premium.


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You choose the assets yourself from your supplier, negotiate the price and the terms and conditions of delivery, and conclude the contract. 


It is at this point that we become involved. We purchase the assets and have them delivered to you. You then repay us on a monthly or quarterly basis. 


Decided you want to buy the assets when the contract comes to an end? You just need to exercise the purchase option that was written into the leasing contract. But you are not obliged to do so.

Frank wants to invest in two hoists for a total price of EUR 11,000. He finds his supplier and negotiates a favourable price. 


We purchase these hoists on Frank's behalf and conclude a leasing agreement with him for a term of 48 months.He chooses a formula with a low purchase option, as he wants to buy the hoists after the leasing period comes to an end. 


Frank can, however, opt for a lower leasing charge and a higher purchase option.

Whether you're seeking a loan for private or professional purposes, BNP Paribas Fortis is by your side. As a responsible lender. Indeed, a loan must help you to move forward in life, not lead you into financial difficulties. Our financing products are intended to help you turn healthy, feasible projects into reality, in a spirit of shared responsibility between yourself and the bank.


This principle of responsible lending can be easily illustrated through our promises.


  • Firstly, we take the time to listen carefully to you in order to offer you a solution which is adapted to your project and your needs.
  • Next, we give you a clear overview of our credit formulas and advise you in a clear, transparent manner.
  • To protect you as much as possible from any risk of indebtedness, your project is examined in detail so as to determine your solvency and the most appropriate regular repayment.
  • Finally, we strive to be ever-more accessible, via the various communication channels we offer.


Our support procedure is thus in place for the duration of each of your loans.


Lease provider: ES Finance SA/NV (trading name: BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions) Gentsesteenweg/Chaussée de Gand 1440, 1082 Brussels, RPM/RPR Brussels, VAT BE0430.506.289.




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