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Call on individuals to finance your projects and strengthen your capital Crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding is a unique form of raising funds with the general public. You present your project and business on the website of a specialist crowdfunding company. The general public consults the projects and decides to invest anything from €100.


funds raised are invested in the form of capital in your business. You strengthen your company's financial structure and benefit from additional leverage for traditional financing.

the number of crowdfunders demonstrates the public's interest in your project. This represents real market research.


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BNPP Fortis has joined forces with MyMicroInvest to offer preferential access to Crowdfunding to its customers.

You benefit from a whole community of ambassadors. This community can also provide you with a detailed overview of your project. Gain visibility and an audience. Get plenty of sound ideas and advice and create your own network thanks to crowdfunding.


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