Temporary credit

You expect a cash inflow in the next few months but do not want to dip into your investments to buy a masterpiece spotted in an auction room. We offer you tailor-made temporary credit to finance your purchase.

What is temporary credit?

Temporary credit is a fixed-term, variable interest rate loan that allows you to bridge a specific period (up to a year) until the funds are available to repay the borrowing.


  • Transparency: fixed-term agreement with interest debited quarterly and repaid on maturity.
  • Simplicity: credit that takes effect via a separate account while awaiting a planned inflow of cash.
  • Flexibility: package allowing subsequent arrangements.
  • Inexpensive: no handling charges or commissions on the credit line.






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Temporary credit:
Type of loan : Temporary credit. Subject to approval of your application by BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV. Lender: BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE0403.199.702.



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