Top Family

A moment of distraction can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of a momentary lapse.

What is Top Family?

Top Family is a policy that compensates third parties for bodily injury and material damage caused by you, your family, your pets, etc. in your private life. You can also opt for legal assistance cover that you can count on if, say, you yourself are a victim and want to claim compensation. 



  • Extensive worldwide cover
  • A broad perception of who is an insured person: including children of partners and official cohabitees, your children in their student accommodation, your temporary guests, and your home help while they are working at your place.
  • Extra high pay-out ceiling: no matter how serious the situation might appear, our wide-ranging covers mean that you're effectively insured in your private life in pretty much any situation you can imagine.
  • 20% reduction for young people (max. 25 years old) and the elderly (60+).
  • Rapid claims settlement by TeleClaims: all you need to do is call freephone 0800 96 040 for one of our specialists to lift the weight from your shoulders (24/7).
  • Family+ Pack for absolute peace of mind: add a series of supplementary covers – unique in the market – to your personal liability insurance.
  • Wide selection of options means family liability cover that perfectly meets your individual needs. 




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