Motor Insurance

The roads seem to get busier every year. And every driver knows he or she can have an accident. That's why you need good insurance.

What is Motor Insurance?

If you cause a traffic accident when driving, you're liable for the damage caused. TPL (third-party liability) cover is required by law and forms the heart of any motor insurance policy. It shields you from the potentially severe financial consequences of an accident where you are at fault.

Find out how our Motor Insurance extends the scope of the legally required TPL Motor cover. Discover too how you can supplement your insurance to provide appropriate protection for:
  • Your vehicle;
  • Your family and, not least, yourself.


  • Turbo Bonus: did you have an accident years ago for which you were at fault? And is your insurer still making you pay for it? Turbo Bonus shifts your no-claims bonus up a gear!
  • Good drivers are rewarded: with us you get your -2 level no-claims bonus for life. And you'll also discover our TPL Max (it's free too!) – the first TPL Motor policy that always compensates good drivers for their injuries, even when they're at fault for the accident!
  • A ‘Top Comprehensive' policy for a new car? Or ‘Top Pre-owned' cover for your second-hand car? Damage to your own vehicle is always optimally covered at the right premium.
  • Rapid claims settlement by TeleClaims: simply call freephone 0800 96 040 and we'll provide you with immediate assistance (24/7). Rather report your claim online? That's possible too.
  • Free premium splitting: would you prefer to pay monthly premiums? There's no charge for spreading your annual premium.





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