Assist: the smartphone app for help

Payment terminal not working? Technical problems with your Isabel program? Suspect you've been paid with forged bank notes?

What is Assist?

Open the Assist application on your smartphone and you will know immediately:

  • How to respond;
  • What type of assistance you can get;
  • How to report the incident.
    If you hold the appropriate BNP Paribas Fortis insurance, you can notify us of the claim directly from the Assist app. 


Like to know more?

Watch the Assist demo or download your free app straight away from the App Store or the Android Market.




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The business applications are just one part of Assist. Assist also helps you in your private life. If your wallet is stolen, for instance; If you're involved in a road accident. Or even if you get a leak in your bathroom. Simply open the Assist app on your smartphone and you'll know immediately how to respond and what assistance you can get.

Assist is a free app from BNP Paribas Fortis offering you help and advice in case of problems:

  • When travelling;
  • With your cards or accounts;
  • At home;
  • With your vehicle;
  • With your kids.

Assist doesn't just tell you what to do in an emergency; it also features

  • A list of the most important national and international emergency numbers;
  • The ‘Come and Get Me' option so friends and family can get to you in an emergency;
  • A handy flashlight feature.

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