Extensive team of experts

To guarantee the perfect management of your wealth, your private banker can draw on the skills of a wide-ranging network of specialists operating in Belgium or within the wider BNP Paribas Group. Their input can only make your strategy even more effective 


High-level guidance


You want the best possible solutions for your wealth, no matter how complex its structure. And it goes without saying that you expect the best-informed advice around. We offer exactly that, thanks to the highly qualified multidisciplinary teams we have assembled to guide you through a multitude of fields:


  • Investment experts track the development of banking products, the slightest shifts in the stock markets and the ups and downs of the real-estate market.
  • An estate planner analyses your portfolio from every legal and tax angle. He or she will ensure the balanced allocation of your assets and help you plan your estate.
  • Internationally acknowledged experts put their skills and know-how at your service in areas like philanthropy, art and asset management.

    Combining all these skills results in a high-performance strategy that is perfectly aligned to your expectations.


    Other fields of expertise