Our approach

Your own private banker


Your relationship with BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking is looked after by your private banker, who:

  • informs;
  • advises;
  • performs transactions for you;
  • engages a team of experts for specialised matters concerning family law, taxation, inheritance planning, wealth structuring, ... .

Clear agreements


Your Private Banking relationship is governed by an asset management agreement.

Among others, this agreement specifies:

  • our commitments with regard to the assets you entrust to us;
  • a list of all products and services and the associated fees;
  • the management contracts you have with us: Discretionary Management, Advisory Management, etc. 


Exclusive info


As Private Banking client, you automatically benefit from:

  • relevant economic and financial information in the monthly magazine Invest News, the magazine Vision and the daily Private Banking Alerts;
  • access to specialised global expertise;
  • VIP entry to events such as sports matches or concerts, behind-the-scenes studies, and more.  


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