INAMI/RIZIV contributions

It is best to be prepared for all eventualities. This is certainly true if you are a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or physiotherapist. Your retirement is approaching more quickly than you think. And how will you cope if you become unfit for work? Use your INAMI/RIZIV contributions to build up a supplementary pension or guaranteed income. You will then be able to maintain your standard of living no matter what.


Pension savings plan – INAMI/RIZIV

Pension savings plan – INAMI/RIZIV allows you to use your INAMI/RIZIV contributions to build up pension capital.

Pension savings plan - INALI/RIZIV

Save for your retirement

Income protection

Income protection

Cover against accidents and long-term illness with loss-of-income insurance. Should you need it, you will receive monthly benefit.

You will receive benefit in the event of an accident or illness.