New in Easy banking 2.2

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  • Higher limits for transfers – up to EUR 25,000 per week
  • Various options for contacting your bank directly from the app
  • Take out new products in the app (open a savings account, etc.)
  • Improved navigation

Secure login

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No card reader is necessary for logging in. You log in quickly and securely with your personal and strictly confidential Easy banking password.
To make logging in with a password even more secure, we register the identification data of the smartphone or tablet you use for Easy banking.

Simple payment with Easy transfer

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This function lets you transfer amounts up to EUR 250 to a mobile phone number with no fuss or bother. To enable this, Easy transfer links mobile numbers to account numbers. That saves you the trouble of looking up account numbers, and is handy when you want to pay your share of the tab right away when you're out on the town with friends.
To learn more about Easy transfer, click here.