Determine your investor profile

What kind of investor are you? Find out quickly by replying to a few simple, relevant questions. As soon as you know your profile, we will offer you some tailor-made investment products.


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What are the 5 possible profiles?

  • Conservative investors avoid risk and are wary of investing in the stock market or bonds in volatile currencies. They much prefer investments offering a return that is guaranteed or foreseeable. Capital protection is of considerable importance.

  • Defensive investors aim for security. They focus on safe-bet securities with a fixed return. An equity fund or blue-chip securities, however, do not give them cause for concern.


  • Neutral investors have quite a long-term horizon and include equities in this. They target a balance between safe-bet securities with a fixed return (security) and equities (additional return). They take possible temporary setbacks in their portfolio into account.


  • Dynamic investors frequently consult the financial press and resolutely opt for performance. They are not put off by price falls. Equities account for three-quarters of their portfolio. Their bond portfolio is also selected with a view to performance.


  • Aggressive investors seek investment information via all possible channels. They attach considerable importance to an optimal spread and are attracted to speculative shares, emerging market equities and risky economic sectors.