Did your key break off in your car door? Has lightning struck your home? Did your son break your neighbour's window while playing football? Don't worry, TeleClaims is here to assist: simple, practical and extremely helpful.


How can TeleClaims help you?

  • During business hours (8 am to 6.30 pm):
    • We'll do everything that's needed to help.
    • We'll also process your claims.
  • Outside business hours (6.30 pm to 8 am and during weekends and public holidays):
    • We'll make a note of your claim.
    • We'll organise the necessary assistance immediately.

How do you contact TeleClaims?

TeleClaims is there to help if you have taken out Motor Insurance or a Top Family or Top Home policy with us. Simply use:

  • Your telephone
    • In Belgium, call the free number 0800 96 050 (FR) or 0800 96 040 (NL);
    • From abroad, call the number +32 2 664 99 00. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.
  • Your computer


First thing to do when a claim arises

Nobody is ever prepared when disaster strikes. What do you do? Where can you find a repair service? What paperwork do you need to fill in? Find out how to respond the right way to a variety of situations that can arise in your home.

Teleclaims – permanent assistance