In principle, you are absolutely free to choose your own photo. However, do take care: some images are subject to copyright and trade marks. As such, you must respect the recommendations in this respect. If you fail to do so, your photo may not be accepted. In our gallery, you will find photos for which we have obtained rights of use. You can thus choose one of these with peace of mind.


We do not accept photos or illustrations which include:

  • Portraits, cartoons, names of celebrities such as stars, musicians, film actors, sports personalities, etc.
  • Sculptures, drawings, paintings.
  • Texts, sheet music, comic strips.
  • Logos and company, product or service names (including abbreviations).
  • An advertisement or a request to buy (including advertisements or requests to buy from the cardholder's company, products or services).
  • Addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, web addresses, etc.



In addition, the following types of photo/illustration/text will not be authorised:

  • Those containing ID photos, identity documents or symbols (e.g. national flags).
  • Those with a political or religious connotation.
  • Those which are racist or insulting.
  • Those which are sexual or obscene in nature.
  • Those which are violent, provocative, illegal, shocking, seditious, or deceitful.
  • Those encouraging or linked to felonies, crimes or terrorist acts.
  • Those referring to weapons, alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
  • Those referring to groups which are not accepted by society (such as criminal and racist organisations, etc.)
  • Those containing codes.
  • Those referring to means of payment.
  • Those which prevent or complicate the reading of essential information on the card, which could facilitate fraud or which could cause other problems.
  • Those which may harm the name and reputation of the bank and/or its licensors.