Your account statements

Your accounts statements


You recently received a letter informing you that you can now access your account statements online, in digital format, via PC banking and Easy banking. It is free and you can view 10 years of statement history (from 1 January 2012).

Try our demo at to discover the benefits of online statements.


  • Would you like to try online account statements or just see how easy they are to use?


You do not have to do anything. Your account statements will be available in PC banking and Easy banking from the date indicated in the letter.

If you're still not convinced, you can always ask at your branch to go back to printing statements at Self terminals.


  • Would you prefer to continue receiving your statements in paper format without trying online statements?


Then here's what to do:

1. Click on the 'Keep Self' button below.

2. Log in on PC banking with your card reader.

3. You will be presented a form to complete.

4. Select the option 'I do not want to receive my account statements via PC banking'

5. Click on 'Confirm'.



Keep Self