Warning about suspicious screens in PC Banking

Internet banking users with various banks are reporting that screens are appearing that are totally unknown to them. Further investigation indicates that this involves malicious software that has somehow been installed onto the computer with which you do internet banking, among other things. We would therefore also like to give our PC Banking customers an additional warning.


Which suspicious screens are involved?


Example (in french)





1. The most important warning sign

An M2 signature (blue button) is never requested when logging in. It is only requested when, once you're safely logged in, you request a transaction yourself.


2. The bank will never request a synchronisation of your card reader


3. No languages other than those applicable

Do you do PC Banking in French? All applicable pages as well as all sections will then be in French. For that reason, a button with text in English is already suspicious.


When does this type of screen appear and why should you take immediate action?


These suspicious screens are displayed immediately after logging into PC Banking. This is what happens:

  • You have logged in with an M1 signature as usual (red button on the card reader). This is the normal procedure.
  • You then immediately see a screen that you don't normally see and that you absolutely shouldn't see.
  • For so-called "synchronisation of your safety module" reasons, this screen requests you enter an M2 signature (blue button on the card reader). Wrong, totally wrong. The bank will never ask you to synchronise your card reader.

Has this screen appeared? Then you should take immediate action, since it means that your computer has been infected. 


What to do if you see a suspicious screen like this?


  • Ignore the invitation to enter an M2 signature for a so-called "synchronisation of your security module".
  • Close your PC Banking session or your browser straight away.
  • Immediately call our PC Banking Helpdesk on 02 228 08 88, every weekday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

· You can also complete our special warning form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.


Issues a vigilant PC Banking user always looks out for?


More and more, it appears hackers are focusing directly on the end-user in terms of computer fraud. This is why we see it as our duty to support you as much as possible regarding your security when you use PC Banking. Above all, be aware of the following:


  • When you log in to PC Banking, BNP Paribas Fortis only asks you for an M1 signature (red button on the card reader).
    To log you in, PC Banking will never ask you to perform an extra signature with the M2 button (blue button on the card reader). The request for an additional signature when logging in should thus immediately set alarm bells ringing.
  • An M2 signature (blue button) is only ever requested in order to confirm a transaction. Furthermore, the request for an M2 signature is only made as a result of a transaction that you have requested or placed yourself. Any other request for a signature is immediately suspicious
  • Should you confirm a transfer with an M2 signature in PC Banking? In that case, PC Banking will always incorporate the transfer amount into this signature, as well as part of the beneficiary's account number. Always ensure that these details are correct. 



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