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Are you a current or potential Private Banking client? If you have a certain amount of wealth, you will definitely be entitled to personalised services. You justifiably have specific requirements and expectations regarding the management of your assets. You would like to receive comprehensive support from your bank, ensuring coherency among the various items making up your assets, such as financial or real estate assets, shareholdings in family businesses, art collections and so on.


BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking undertakes to be at your side An appointed private banker takes care of safeguarding your interests and provides personalised assistance tailored to your personal and professional situation.


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The Private Banking philosophy is founded on listening actively to each client.


We seek to offer made-to-measure solutions to your numerous requirements, be they simple – like the use of your bank accounts – or more complex, such as managing your wealth.


To initiate the relationship that brings us together, we suggest you sign the Global Agreement, the Private Banking tool par excellence. This fulfils your actual requirements and can be adapted to any change in your personal or professional situation.


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Wealth structuring, a key component of Private Banking

Wealth structuring encompasses strategies to be implemented as part of optimising, diversifying and/or transferring your assets. It represents a privileged field of Private Banking. The approach we recommend is based on expertise in many fields: prenuptial agreements, gifts, monitoring structures, international taxation, borrowing, insurance and so on.


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For effective management of your investment portfolio

Our national and international financial specialists track events on the stock markets and the different movements on world markets. With BNP Paribas Fortis, you are thus guaranteed optimal management of your portfolio in line with your investor profile and investment objectives.


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If you would like to find out about the specialised offers for Private Banking clients, we suggest you contact one of our private bankers.


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