Advantages of the European direct debit

The European direct debit offers numerous benefits for professionals: speed and simplicity anywhere in Europe. There are two different direct debit schemes to choose from.


European payments area

You can collect the money you're owed by debtors in every country in SEPA.


Simpler administration and lower costs

You send all your payment orders to one bank, in whichever SEPA country the withdrawal will be made. A great way to keep your costs down.


Faster payment

Thanks to the new, completely automated system (with debits and credits on the same day), you'll receive the funds faster than before.



You know exactly when the funds are paid into your account.



Both recurring and one-off payments in euro can be made.


Faster, more efficient payment management

It's simpler to pay by direct debit. What does this add up to? More customers will opt for this method of payment. So you can manage payments from your customers faster and more efficiently... and retain their loyalty more effectively.


Choice of B2B or B2C system

As a supplier (recipient) you can opt for the "business-to-business" direct debit system, better known as the "B2B scheme" for customers who are not private individuals (i.e. self-employed people and businesses). This is slightly different from the direct debit scheme for consumers (the "B2C scheme"):

    • When the first payment is made, the payer's bank has to check if they have a valid mandate. The payer therefore needs to confirm their mandate via PC banking Pro or their branch by filling in a confirmation document (pdf).
    • Whilst private individuals have eight weeks to request a refund, with no conditions attached, this does not apply to the B2B scheme. Requests for refunds for unauthorised payments (for example, because there was no mandate or no valid mandate in place), however, can be submitted for a period of up to 13 months.
    • The recipient's bank can only present the payment order to the payer's bank one day before the due date (two days for an initial payment).
    • When the payer's account cannot be debited (for example, due to insufficient funds), this should normally be communicated at the latest within two days of the due date of the payment concerned. In the B2B scheme, this deadline is extended to five days.


Please note: as the B2B system is not compulsory, not all banks will offer it. BNP Paribas Fortis does.

With us, you can sign a B2B agreement as well as a B2C one. 


Demo of European direct debit (FR)


Demo of European direct debit (NL)

Advantages of the European direct debit


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