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  • Sepabelgium: this website gives a detailed insight into the precise implications of SEPA. It was drawn up by Febelfin, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation.
  • European Central Bank: the ECB is a European institution that was set up at the time of European Economic and Monetary Union. The ECB is responsible for a highly centralised, coherent monetary policy. Its website is full of detailed information about SEPA.
  • European Payments Council (EPC): the EPC is the European banking industry's payments institution responsible for central coordination and decision-making.
  • National Bank of Belgium: this has been Belgium's central bank since 1850. It carries out tasks of general interest at both national and international level.
  • The Federal Public Service Finance Department: since 1 September 2008, the Federal Public Service Finance Department has used the new SEPA European payment system for all its transactions with private individuals and businesses.
Useful links


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