Better protection for the debtor

Since 1 April 2010, the date on which the Belgian Act transposing the Payment Services Directive (PSD) came into force, debtors paying by direct debit (Belgian DOM80 and European SDD) have had better protection.


Refusal of payment

Debtors can refuse payments when informed that the creditor will be making a withdrawal from their accounts. Where this is the case, the bank will not process the withdrawal.


Disputing the payment

  • The debtor's bank is required to repay the disputed amount for a period of eight weeks. The debtor does not even have to justify the request for a reimbursement. The creditor's bank will then claim the amount back from the creditor.

  • The debtor can still dispute the withdrawal after the eight-week period for up to a maximum of 13 months after the transaction. Where this is the case, the debtor's bank will not make the repayment automatically, but only if it can be shown that the mandate is absent or invalid.


In both cases, the payer is still required to pay the creditor. This obligation only lapses if it can be proved, on investigation, that the demand for repayment was justified. The terms of the investigation and the settlement of the dispute occurs directly between the recipient and the payer.

Better protection


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