The direct debit mandate at a glance

The direct debit mandate is the cornerstone of the European direct debit system. The debtor completes the mandate and sends it to the recipient, rather than to their bank.


Essential information

    • Recipient's details.
    • Debtor's details.
    • Debtor's BIC (Bank Identifier Code, i.e. the code used to identify a bank within the European payments system).
    • Debtor's IBAN (International Bank Account Number, i.e. the account number made up of alphanumeric characters given to an account within the European payment system).
    • Date and signature of debtor.
    • European reference number for the mandate (completed by the recipient).
    • Type of direct debit: one-off or recurring.
    • A clear reference to the underlying contract.


Differences from the existing direct debit mandate

    • Addition of the European reference number.
    • Accounts identified by IBAN.
    • Reference to the underlying contract.
    • Note of whether the payment is a one-off or recurring transaction.
The direct debit mandate at a glance