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You expect perfect service from your bank, and rightly so. But sometimes things go wrong and you're dissatisfied. If something is bothering you, don't just let it go. Please tell us. You can count on our full attention. And we'll look for a quick solution.


Who should you contact?

  • Complete the form within PC banking (have your card reader ready)
  • Complete the form on our website. That's not a secure environment, so don't give any confidential information. 


Problem still not solved to your satisfaction? Take a look at our full complaint procedure


Who should you contact with a suggestion? Or a compliment?

Your ideas for improving our products and services are extremely welcome. Our quality assurance specialists are keen to hear your opinion. Click the relevant link:


We want to hear your opinion

BNP Paribas Fortis wants to know what our customers think. That's why we regularly organise market surveys. Taking part will help us improve our service.


If you have a question about a survey in which you've been asked to take part:

Your opinion matters