How do I put my own business logo on my bank card?

You can place your own logo on your bank card, but only if you use one of the templates provided for that purpose by the bank. Our photo module is accessible via 'All PC banking functions' > 'Place a photo on your bank card'. Choose between the French and Dutch versions and then complete the following steps:


  • From the photo gallery drop-down menu, choose ‘Mon logo / Mijn logo' (+ your preferred background colour).
  • Choose the template that best suits your logo. Your logo will appear in the empty white space.
  • Click on ‘Sélectionner votre propre photo / Kies uw eigen foto'.
  • Use 'Browse' to locate the file containing your logo and confirm.
  • You now have the opportunity to enlarge, reduce and move your logo within the available space in the template (if it doesn't look right, you can also try a different template).
  • Click on 'Suivant / Volgende'.


Now complete the usual procedure for sending a photo for your card.