Frequently Asked Questions Bank card

The details on my bank card (account number, name, card number) have become illegible. How do I get the card replaced?

I deposited bank notes at the BNP Paribas Fortis ATM, but it was booked incorrectly.

My bank card was stolen and now a third party has my banking details. Should I have my accounts frozen?

A transaction was booked incorrectly.

I had my card frozen after it was lost, but I have now found it again. Can it be unfrozen so I can use it again?

I have not yet received my new card.

I can't use my card abroad. What could be the matter? What should I do?

I got a new bank card and cannot log on to PC banking anymore. What should I do

My bank card has been lost or stolen. I had it frozen and replaced. Can I choose a new or different photo for my new card?

My card does not work anymore. What should I do?

When I deposited my bank notes at the ATM, I was told that false bank notes had been withheld.

Why can I not withdraw any cash?

Why can I not make payments with my card?

Why do I not receive any account statements?

What is skimming? How do skimmers work? How can I avoid being skimmed?

Where can I find the IBAN for my account number?

What is a BIC?


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