I am no longer receiving any text messages to log in by text message code. What should I do?


Possible causes are:

  • You have changed your mobile number and you have not yet updated your PC banking > Log into PC banking. Click on Easy banking in the menu on the left-hand side to change your mobile number.
  • You may no longer receive any text messages if you have switched operators, if your mobile phone has been switched off for some time or if your operator has changed its rate plan. You should start to receive text messages again one week after these changes.
  • If your mobile phone does not have any network reception, check that you are correctly connected to your mobile network and try again.
  • Your mobile subscription does not allow you to receive any charged text messages. You or your employer may have blocked this function.
  • The reception of charged text messages may have been blocked temporarily. In this case, send a (blank) text message to 2211.
  • Your mobile operator is experiencing a technical problem.
  • BNP Paribas Fortis is experiencing a technical problem.

Of course you can always log in with the card reader as well.


If you have any questions, please call our Helpdesk on +32 2 433 41 90.


In Easy banking v2 or higher, you no longer need a text message code or card reader to log in. When you use Easy banking v2 for the first time, you must log in using a text message code or your card reader. Once logged in, the characteristics of your device will be registered. From then on you can easily log in with your password. The app will recognise the smartphone or tablet you are using to log in.



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