How do I log into Easy banking by text message?

1. Open the application.
2. Select an existing profile or enter your customer number or PC banking user number, followed by the 17-digit bank card number.
3. Select ‘Request a text message code'.

4. You will receive a code in a text message sent to your mobile (the number you entered when you registered through PC banking).
5. Enter your password (you chose when activating Easy banking).
6. Click on ‘Login'. 

In Easy banking v2 or higher, you no longer need a text message code or card reader to log in. When you use Easy banking v2 for the first time, you must log in using a text message code or your card reader. Once logged in, the characteristics of your device will be registered. From then on you can easily log in with your password only. The app will recognise the smartphone or tablet you are using to log in.


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