Frequently Asked Questions

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You will find below a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning PC banking, Easy banking, your bank card and several other general matters.

PC banking FAQ

The list of frequently asked questions about PC banking contains lots of useful information about logging on, connection methods and error messages when accessing PC banking.


Secure online payments

Where can I find the security code for my credit card? And the expiry date? What is the M2 button on my card reader for? The answer to this and other questions can be found in the list of frequently asked questions on secure online payments.


Cards FAQ

Your bank card doesn't let you print your statements? Or perhaps you'd like to personalise your card with a picture of your granddaughter? The information you need is in our lists of frequently asked questions about cards. They offer solutions for a wide variety of situations.



Still have questions about SEPA? We're here to help. See our Frequently Asked Questions about SEPA.


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