Find accommodation or a school

Find accommodation or a school
Find accommodation or a school

Arriving in a new country often means adopting new habits, finding new points of reference and having a lot to do. We know that this can be complicated. That is why we offer a whole range of made-to-measure practical advice and financial solutions. Our services for expats have been specially designed to ensure a painless transition.

  • Find accommodation
    At the beginning of your stay in Belgium, you will certainly prefer to rent somewhere. This is the most flexible solution if you do not know precisely how long you will stay or if you do not want to commit in the long term.
    In that case, have a look at our check list below to check if everything is in order before you arrive:
      • The owner will ask you to provide a rental guarantee, which is a transfer equivalent to 2 months rent to a deposit savings account.
      • Is your accommodation insured? Top Home* is the most comprehensive cover.
      • To pay your rent, choose a standing order. It is the simplest and quickest solution to ensure your rent is paid on time.


    But perhaps you will fall for the charms of a pretty house in the outskirts of Brussels? If you want to take the leap and buy a property in Belgium, we would be happy to answer any questions you have. You will find more information on credit facilities, taxes and tailored solutions that we offer by clicking on this link.


    What you need to know about housing in Belgium site externe.

    Article "Buying a home is more than a mortgage".


  • Find a school

    You want the best for your children. Choosing the school they will study at in Belgium is an important step. There are many establishments to choose from, and you will have to visit many of them before making your choice.


    Read the article ‘How to choose a school' site externe.


    Do you want to teach your children responsibility by teaching them how to manage their money? We offer a range of products adapted to their age and budget: a youth account for customers under the age of 18; a Hello4You account for young people between the ages of 18 and 28.


    And to help them get off to an even better start in life, you can give them starting capital thanks to the Junior Invest Plan*, life insurance (branch 21) from AG Insurance and the Junior Futur Plan*, an investment plan (combination of branches 21 and 23) from AG Insurance.


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