MasterCard Gold credit card

  • Make your payments with peace of mind
  • Benefit from four comprehensive insurance policies
  • Benefit from many advantages thanks to exclusive partners

Pay for your daily purchases with peace of mind, thanks to the MasterCard Gold credit card

Wherever you are, in your new country of residence or elsewhere in the world, the MasterCard Gold card is a payment method with a credit limit of up to €5,000. In Belgium, throughout the world and for your online purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs.

Journey cancellation insurance

Are you off on a trip? Did you book it with your MasterCard Gold card? If so, you benefit from highly effective cancellation insurance.

Illness, accident, death, material damage,... There are many reasons that can force you to cancel your trip. This insurance helps you avoid a financial setback and overcome this disappointment more easily.

Purchase guarantee insurance

Did you make a purchase with your MasterCard Gold card? It is automatically covered by the insurance included in your agreement.

You can make your purchases with peace of mind thanks to this insurance. You are fully covered for 120 days, in the event of theft or accidental damage.

Online purchase insurance

Spare yourself the worry associated with online shopping by using your MasterCard Gold card. It includes this insurance that stops you from worrying.

You want to shop online but are always afraid of receiving products that don't match your order, a damaged item or, worse still, not receiving your purchase. You are covered for 90 days and can shop online without worrying about it.

Fraudulent use insurance

Lost? Stolen? Delivered to the wrong address? With this insurance linked to your MasterCard Gold card, you are covered against its fraudulent use.

Thanks to this insurance, you no longer pay the €150 deductible in the event of fraud. Your insurance will take care of this amount. As for replacing lost and/or stolen cards, this is free of charge too.

Exclusive partnerships...

Repay when you want

Sign up to Optiline and stagger the repayment of purchases made with your MasterCard Gold credit card (subject to status). These payments are made via direct debit and are a minimum of 5.60% of the outstanding balance, with a minimum payment of €25 (unless you have less than €25 to pay). You choose a repayment frequency in line with your budget.

Your loyalty rewarded

Thanks to the 'Save and enjoy' programme, you gain a loyalty point for every €25 worth of purchases you make with your MasterCard Gold card. These points will allow you to take advantage of discounts with partner retailers. You will also benefit from discounts on travel, events, etc.

Your card, safe and secure

Card stolen? Lost? Take no risks. Call Card Stop on 070 344 344 and block your card. Register a claim or loss report with the police within 24 hours. A new card will be ordered automatically and delivered to your branch.

Please take time to read the five tips. They will allow you to avoid possible problems with your credit card.

  1. Keep your credit card in a safe place.
  2. Never disclose your PIN.
  3. Destroy expired or unused credit cards.
  4. Stop any suspicious transaction or if you are being watched.
  5. Check the currency in which you pay for a purchase or service.

Would you like a MasterCard Gold credit card?

Two options are available: apply online or make an appointment with your branch. There are two conditions to meet: you must be at least 18 years old and (joint) holder of a current account with BNP Paribas Fortis.

Simplified rates

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits that come with a MasterCard Gold? Then request one now. The card will cost you €3.83 a month. Charges will also be added when withdrawing cash from ATMs or making payments in foreign currency. See details in our list of rates.

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