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My online safety

Buying clothes, chatting on social media, watching series... Today, internet has become truly indispensable. Your bank is also online. And the safety of your data is our priority. And we also make sure that you keep safe.

Do not ever share your data!

Let’s start with the most important security advice: your bank will never ask you for confidential information. Not by phone, not by email. Not ever. So do not ever communicate your secret code, M1 or M2 signatures, itsme code, Easy Banking code or Easy Banking Web password!

A strong password

Choosing the right password also guarantees security. When you create your password, think harder than “12345”. Use special characters, digits, and alternate between capital letters and lower case. You can also make up a sentence that makes sense to you: you’ll remember your password more easily. For example “mySonWasBornInNovember2009”.

Have you found a password? Here are some additional tips:

  • Don’t write it down anywhere;
  • Don’t share it with anyone: your bank will never ask you for your data, either by phone or by email;
  • Change your password several times a year.

Discover your online bank, safely

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