Investing together: your investments, our expertise

You choose the best of both worlds: you retain control over your investments, while relying on the expertise of your personal portfolio manager. Together you develop an investment strategy that takes your objectives, expectations and wishes into account. You are informed of possible opportunities and alerted when the time has come to update your portfolio.

  • Investing together in complete serenity

    You make decisions, with complete peace of mind, about the composition of your portfolio, while relying on expert advice from your bank for the management of your portfolio.

    Let’s invest together

  • Invest alone, with expert advice

    You retain full control over your portfolio. Your portfolio manager informs you about opportunities or assists you with targeted advice.

    Investissez maintenant

  • Investment insurance: the benefits

    You invest in an insurance contract, that is subject to specific tax rules with the option of supplementary income.

    Invest in insurance

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