A brand new website

Your BNP Paribas Fortis website is being updated to provide you with a better browsing experience, both on your computer and on your mobile devices. And, of course, Easy Banking Web still guarantees you the same level of security. Find out what's new right now!


Your personal space

Your security is our priority

Your online bank guarantees you the same level of protection as ever. Your Easy Banking Web will still apply the same procedures to guarantee the security of your personal and banking data.

A new navigation

Your authenticated space now looks more like the environment you know from the Easy Banking App. You’ll find all the usual functions in a new, more intuitive and efficient vertical navigation.

A new webshop

In our new webshop you’ll find all the products you can subscribe to directly online, according to your needs. Quick and easy!


The public website

A better customer experience

An updated architecture, optimised navigation and news content... Discover all the new features of our new public website!

A new design

Our website is adopting a new, more efficient, dynamic and user-friendly design, in order to offer you a better customer experience.

Products and simulations

You can still consult the products and services corresponding to your needs and projects, run simulations without obligation and/or submit your requests online.

Regular updates

New services or products, financial news, the latest information about your bank... With our articles, you won't miss a thing.

Support from A to Z

Do you have specific needs in terms of mobility, housing, pension, family, travel, etc.? Our thematic pages provide you with all the relevant information.

Have a project that’s close to your heart? Let's discuss it together and do our best to make it happen!

Let's go!

Visit our homepage now to discover our new website and its optimised design. And, of course, we’re constantly working on improving our website to offer you the best service.

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Any questions?

Do you have questions about a product or service, about a feature of Easy Banking Web or about one of our digital channels, for example? Our Community will respond as soon as possible. 

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