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Easy Banking Web, your Private Bank’s online bank

Your online bank

Do you want to make payments, check your bank balance, manage and track your investments, contact your Private Banker or Wealth Manager?

Easy Banking Web allows you to manage your finances, whenever you desire.

The advantages of the Easy Banking Web

Use the Easy Banking Web to enjoy the comfort of a large screen on your computer and/or your tablet.

With your online bank, you manage your investments and complete your day-to-day bank transactions calmly. You can take all the time you need to verify your transactions before confirming.

Activate the Easy Banking Web

Would you like to switch to online banking? Keep the following at hand:

  • Your debit card;
  • Your secret code;
  • Your card reader.

And get started! Easy Banking Web is easy to use, every day.

Your Private Bank’s digital tools

PaxFamilia: a centralised, secure overview of your assets

Monitor the evolution of your assets - both moveable property and real estat - on your digital tool: PaxFamilia. It performs cash flow and estate planning simulations. Moreover, it provides you with a digital safety deposit box to store all your confidential documents relative to your assets and estate. If you desire, you can give (limited or full) access to third parties, such as your children or notary for instance. PaxFamilia is thus one of the pillars of trust of our long-term relationship.

A daily financial report on your assets under management

As a Private Banking and Wealth Management client, you automatically enjoy access to Wealth Panorama. By login in to your online bank, you get an instant snapshot of your assets, investments and credits under management at your Private Bank.

Your online safety

To access your online bank, the Easy Banking Web, you will identify yourself using your personal data, debit card and card reader or via itsme. You can login completely securely.

Thanks to a combination of various technologies, your online bank offers a secure environment. Moreover, using the Easy Banking Web at home implies that you go through your own internet network and associated security.

The safety of your online bank

How to start using the Easy Banking Web

Please take your:

  • Debit card and secret PIN code,
  • Card reader.

No Easy Banking Web contract yet? Request a contract online.

Enter your identification data and click “next”

How do you make a bank transfer with your online bank?

How do you check your bank statements via the Easy Banking Web?

Online banking for all

Our online bank is also accessible to the visually impaired. Your web navigator’s parameters allow adapting the texts on our site to increase your reading comfort. If need be, you can always request a Comfort Voice card reader in your Private Banking Centre. You’ll get a bigger screen, visible buttons and vocal instructions.

Logging in

You have two possibilities:

Discover the many advantages of the Easy Banking App

The Easy Banking Web and Easy Banking App go hand-in-hand. With the Easy Banking App, your bank is now in your pocket, on your smartphone and/or on your tablet.


Identify yourself in the Easy Banking Web and with a simple click, contact the PrivilegeConnect advisers. They are available every working day from 7 am to 10 pm and from 9 am to 10 pm at weekends on 02 433 43 20 (Private Banking) or on 02 433 43 40 (Wealth Management). You can also make an appointment in your Private Banking Centre easily.

You may also enrol for our Digital Workshops or receive banking information via email.