Private Banker

A single contact, a multitude of experts.

Jack of all trades, master of none? This figure of speech equally applies to your Private Banker. As your preferred contact within Private Banking, he will assist you in managing your assets in a way that goes beyond the basic certification of a Private Banker. He can rely on an impressive network of experts who cover all matters related to the activities of a Private Bank.

Day-to-day support

"It is very difficult to give a comprehensive definition of a private banker. In effect, my role and mode of operation will differ according to my customer's expectations. Nonetheless, if you want a definition - and knowing that this will inevitably be incomplete - let's say that my task as a Private Banker, surrounded by experts, is to support my customers in managing their global wealth on a day-to-day basis."

"Your Private Banker will go above and beyond in order to offer you a long-term vision."

A one-man band

"Today, all (or almost all) banks offer Private Banking services. But all too often, this offer is reduced to only the administration of assets and the portfolio of the customer. Your Private Banker will resolutely go beyond this advisory function. Customising the global asset approach allows him to make a difference. Thanks to this expansive approach to management and enhanced by his network of experts, your Private Banker is a 'one-man band'. He will go above and beyond in order to offer you a long-term vision of your wealth."

"The idea is to create added value, both in terms of performance and advice."

The human touch (also) makes a difference

Very often, customers do not know that they can make use of Private Banking. We then contact them directly. In this respect our network of branches is of undeniable value. The idea is to create added value, both in terms of performance of your assets and in the quality of our advice. Take, for example, the Private Flexible Loan which enables our customers to seize opportunities without having to dip into their own funds, which might be invested elsewhere already."

A team behind every Private Banker

"All the players of the Private Bank are there to support you on a daily basis. Your Private Banker, your preferred contact person, will not hesitate to call upon several experts to offer you a long-term strategy. To manage your assets, he is also assisted by a team that is able to answer all your questions, meet your expectations and comply with your wishes on a daily basis."