Fund & SRI Specialist

Investing responsibly

Your Private Banker can assure you that investing is no piece of cake. Before your Private Banker or Wealth Manager give you investment advice, they will consult a fund expert to determine which funds match your investor profile and objectives. For several years now, BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking & Wealth Management has been spotlighting socially responsible funds.

Start with a tailored, comprehensive solution

"Let me first stress that for both socially responsible investments and traditional funds, we base our approach on your investor profile. Moreover, there are several ways to manage a portfolio. No matter which method you choose, when you opt for socially responsible investments, your assets will be managed according to a SRI model developed by us.”

"SRI delivers returns comparable to those of traditional investments"

Responsible and more effective?

"When we launched socially responsible investments (SRI) in 2011, success seemed rather uncertain. How could we combine high performance with social responsibility? Thankfully I was able to leverage my experience as a portfolio manager to deliver even higher returns on SRI funds than on traditional funds. This success is mainly due to the composition of SRI funds, two thirds of which are invested in Best in Class funds. Every year, I meet with over a hundred asset managers who tell me their story. This allows me to pick and choose the funds that I want to include in my portfolios. Of course, I always keep in mind that 80% of my customers have a defensive or neutral profile."

Inspired and inspiring investments

"We build SRI portfolios tailored for responsible investments. In this context, it has turned out that a thematic approach can also bear fruit. As an investor, you can encourage investing in the fight against global warming, water conservation or other important challenges. We make sure that we fully meet the expectations of our customers, just as we do in other areas."

"Experts at the heart of BNP Paribas Fortis and inspiration from diversity"

Involving experts

"When developing a portfolio, I obviously rely on the skills of experts working at the heart of BNP Paribas Fortis. But not just these experts. I am also inspired by other market players. I actually think that our differences are mutually beneficial. Of course, my goal is to get a better return than my competitor. I think customers recognise the importance of our unique concept because it has enabled us to attract no less than 15,000 customers in 2015. "