Estate Planner

Acting today for a secure future

The Estate Planner pools expertise to the services of the Private Banker, and contributes to his overall vision and medium to long-term strategic approach. Have you ever thought about what happens to your assets after death? How do you protect your loved ones in case of an unexpected misfortune? These questions, and many others, will be answered by an Estate Planner.

Working with your appointed banker

"We support our customer's Private Banker or Wealth Manager. Our role is to outline what you can achieve through estate planning. We take a look at your current situation and on that basis we make a projection into the future. Does this correspond to the customer's wishes? This is far from certain when addressing inheritance issues and the tax burden that inevitably accompanies them."

"As an Estate Planner, my goal is to establish an efficient strategy."

Optimising what comes next

"Based on the customer's expectations, we determine a strategy. Although some clients are reluctant, we discuss the possibilities of a transfer by way of gift, with or without usufruct, as well as insurance that may be essential to protect an inheritance. Estate Planners are lawyers and tax experts, and it is not our goal to sell products, but to guide the Private Banker or Wealth Manager in developing an efficient strategy.”

Reassuring monitoring

"Tax legislation related to assets and gifts is regularly subject to substantial change. Therefore, some customers meet with us to determine the consequences of these changes. We also do proactive outreach. For instance when we see that a change in legislation will have consequences for Private Bank customers, we contact their appointed bankers so they can schedule an appointment. An example? The rules about inheritance tax on property recently changed. This could affect the assets of our customers."

"Waiting for retirement considerably reduces our margin of flexibility."

A single contact, a multitude of situations

"The most interesting aspect of my job is that I face a multitude of different situations. The appointed banker identifies the needs of his customers and refers them to me. This ranges from drawing up a marriage contract, to assisting heirs after a death. I encourage the appointed banker to urge his customers to meet an Estate Planner as early as possible. Waiting for retirement considerably reduces our margin of flexibility. "