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What role do you play?

Manager, shareholder or private individual? Business leaders often fill all three roles at the same time. We provide the best possible solutions for each of these roles and take into account the interactions between them.

A dual approach

How to find the optimum balance between your personal and professional interests? We offer a dual approach where a Private Banker (or Wealth Manager) and a professional adviser apply their complementary skills to seek the best solutions for your financial holdings, your investments and your real estate assets. This way we can take a holistic view of your business and private assets, enabling better outcomes.

Private Banking by James, at your service

For senior business executives squeezed for time we have created Private Banking by James. Your Private Banker usually works over the phone (you can contact him at 02 433 40 52), but also uses all digital communication channels. He is available to you from 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

To get the right answers you have to ask the right questions!

Below you will find ten questions that you may have to grapple with as a business executive. As each case is different, we recommend that you talk to your Private Banker or Wealth Manager so he can help you find appropriate and tailored solutions.

What is the best way for me to invest my surplus long-term cash reserves in my company?

We offer companies a portfolio management service which aims to achieve the most effective way of investing these funds. Portfolio management for companies combines efficient and professional tax and portfolio management, potentially allowing for attractive returns from investments on financial markets. Diversified investments and continuous monitoring by a team of specialists ensures that risks are limited.

How can I balance my private and professional assets?

What should I do when the company's equity becomes very significant? As part of sound wealth planning you could choose to transfer it, either now or in the future, into your own private estate. It is also important to draw up a strategy for taking excess cash out of your company, either now or at a later date. Just like your external advisers (accountants, tax advisers, etc.), your Private Banker, aided by an Estate Planner, is there to help you make the right choices in this area.

How should I structure my property portfolio?

In your company, property may represent an important value. At the same time it can also be an obstacle in the event of a sale. Therefore, it may be advantageous to isolate company property into a separate asset-holding company.

For your personal assets, your Private Banker will help you make the right choices, taking into account your needs, your objectives, the tax consequences, and the overall position of property investment in your investment portfolio.

How can I grow my private assets?

BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking & Wealth Management offers wealth management services dedicated to your private assets. In this context, we offer various customised solutions. Whether you want to keep control and benefit from our investment advice or entrust the management of your portfolio to our specialists, you can devote yourself to your business growth.

How can I maintain my standard of living after I retire?

Our Private Bankers, Wealth Managers and other experts help you make the right choices on the basis of a financial projection of your pension. From this starting point we recommend solutions to avoid future shortfalls.

How can I optimise the transfer of my business to the next generation?

It is in your interests to make preparations at a very early stage for this extremely important step for you and for your company. Your Private Banker and our experts will help you to take the right decisions and to consider the impact on your wealth management objectives.

How can I minimise risks for myself, my family and my business?

As an entrepreneur, you are probably the main source of income for your family. In case of death or disability this source of income may be discontinued. Your death or disability could also have implications for your company. Think of your important role in the company and the adverse impact on operating results. Your Private Banker will set out the best way of guarding you against these risks.

How could death or divorce affect your matrimonial property regime?

What happens to your business may depend on your specific matrimonial property regime. Your Private Banker and experts will help you review your matrimonial property regime and assist your decisions. Our qualified bankers and experts will review your personal circumstances with you and help you to make the right decisions.

How can I adapt to legislative changes (in relation to taxation, for example)?

Our qualified and certified Private Bankers closely monitor any changes in tax legislation, and are delighted to use their expertise for your benefit. In addition, our online newsletter, Wealth Outlook, keeps you updated on current economic and fiscal affairs.

What do I do if a shareholder dies?

Will the financial means at your disposal enable you to buy back the equity of a deceased business partner from his heirs? Working with our experts you can prepare in advance for this situation. In this way you will ensure the continuity of the business.

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