Your pension

A good preparation for a happy retirement

Everyone wishes to maintain their quality of life, both before or after retirement. To achieve this, a well prepared pension plan has become indispensable. Your Private Banker will help you choose the best of many different solutions, based on the four pillars of the Belgian pension system.

Four pillars…

… for a stable pension

The first pillar is the state pension, calculated on the basis of your professional career. This pillar by itself will not be enough to guarantee peace of mind during your retirement. The second and third pillar are your personal pension and your workplace pension. Depending on your professional situation (employed, self-employed, entrepreneur, etc.), you will undoubtedly have been offered different tax-efficient solutions. The fourth and final pillar is traditional saving. Even though you do not get tax relief for this, it is still a good way to ensure an adequate post-retirement income.

Pension calculator

Not convinced a fourth pillar will be necessary? Curious how much you need to reach an acceptable pension level? Try our pension calculator. Based on different parameters (age, preferred income, income, etc.), it will estimate the amount you need to achieve your objectives.

Tailored solutions

A solid fourth pillar is not a matter of luck. You obtain it through long-term investments, but also through sensible real estate investments. Together with your Private Banker, you can balance your investments to ensure the best possible returns. The income you gain from your fourth pillar is an extra guarantee for a comfortable retirement.