Asset structuring

To start with...

… there is the wealth review

Your financial needs and ambitions are linked to a wide range of parameters (age, family situation, projects, financial situation, investor profile, etc.). To help you understand how these elements affect your net worth, your Private Banker or Wealth Manager will prepare a wealth review, which takes into account your projects and your personal and family situation.

Your Private Banker or Wealth Manager will then be in a position to assess and advise you on the risks and opportunities. In short, he will provide you with a structured view of your overall wealth.

A precise vision of your assets

The wealth review provides a clear and objective overview of your situation. It will provide a basis for your Private Banker or Wealth Manager, assisted by one of our Estate Planners, to implement the best possible legal and fiscal optimisation of your assets, their future growth and/or transfer.

Your needs, our solutions

Based on consultations with our experts, you will work closely with your Private Banker or Wealth Manager to determine the most suitable solutions. Next, your external consultant and our Estate Planner will assist you with implementing them.