Saving and investment products

Ready-made investments

This customised investment formula gives you access to a broadly diversified portfolio at an European or international level, even with limited initial capital.

Investments with capital protection

These investments have a fixed term, after which you get back the amount you invested. You receive a fixed or variable interest rate during the term or at maturity of the investment.

Build up capital for a specific purpose

Are you thinking of buying your dream home? Have you put money aside to finance the studies of your (grand)children? Or do you plan to travel the world? Discover the formula that best suits your plans.

Are you new to the world of investing?

Have you already subscribed to a pension fund or government bonds, but do not feel ready to take your investing to the next level? Make sure you have a solid understanding of financial markets before you start investing.

Investing with or without advice?

Need help investing? Our advisers are at your disposal, but you can also do it on your own. Choose the approach that suits you best.