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Long-term savings with the Pension Invest Plan

Build up a supplementary pension

Have you already, or are you almost finished paying off your home loan? The Pension Invest Plan is an individual life insurance (branch 21) that allows you to regularly set aside money in a tax-efficient manner, to build up a comfortable supplement to your state pension. In addition, the Pension Invest Plan offers a double guarantee: you can be certain to recover your capital at maturity (after fees and taxes) and count on a guaranteed interest rate.

Decide when and how much you deposit, starting from EUR 1 per day

Do you wish to make one large payment or several payments at regular intervals (with a maximum of EUR 2,260 in 2016)? It is up to you. You can deposit as little as EUR 30 per month or EUR 360 per year. Do you want to raise or reduce your premiums, make an additional payment or suspend the payment of premiums? You decide!

Benefit from a 30% tax break

You can declare a premium up to EUR 2,260 in your tax return in 2016, on which you are entitled a 30% tax relief, equivalent to EUR 682. This tax break applies to each taxpayer, so if you are married or legally cohabiting, and your spouse is also liable to pay tax, you can both take advantage of it (if both of you have subscribed to a Pension Invest Plan).

Deposits after your 60th birthday are the most advantageous (if you have entered your contract before the age of 55), because you still get a 30% tax break, without having to pay taxes.

To help you introduce your Pension Invest Plan in your tax return, AG Insurance will send you an annual tax certificate. All you have to indicate in your tax return is the amount deposited.

Long-term savings or pension savings?

You can enter into a Pension Invest Plan through the framework of pension savings or long-term savings. In both cases you are entitled to a tax break. Most people opt for the pension savings framework, simply because if you purchase a property, the tax benefits received for your mortgage capital repayments and interest will usually exceed the limit for long-term savings. However, if you take out a Pension Invest Plan in the framework of pension savings, you will enjoy a tax reduction even if you already have a mortgage loan.

Do you have a hard time choosing? Do not worry, you can also combine these two tax options in two separate insurance contracts of the Pension Invest Plan. This option allows you to maximize your tax benefit.

What is in it for you?

Currently, the interest rate is 0.75% on the invested net premium (effective 1/8/2017).

With each premium deposit you build up a guaranteed capital. The net amount (excluding tax and entry fees) of each premium is invested at an interest rate applicable at the time of payment. This rate applies for the duration of the contract, so you know exactly what each payment will yield. Also, if AG Insurance's operating records turn out positive, you may share in the benefits.

You will save up to EUR 682 on your taxes annually. The exact amount depends on your professional income and tax situation.

At the end of the contract, you will receive your entire capital plus yields.

But what if disaster strikes and you die before the maturity date of the contract?

In this case, the entire reserve of the contract, plus the possible payout, will be paid to your loved ones.


Insurance tax: 2% of the premium paid.

Advanced taxation: 10% on your 60th birthday, or at the 10th anniversary of your contract if you started to save for your pension after the age of 55.

You do not pay any tax for shared in profits.

Withholding tax: 33,31% if you request your pension capital before your 60th birthday.

This tax regime applies to private investors in Belgium and may be subject to change. Other categories of investors are requested to inform themselves about the tax regime applicable to them.


Entry fee: 5% of the premium paid. These entry fees decline annually by 1% during the 5th, 4th and 3rd year before the contract expires. You do not pay entry fees on deposits made during the last two years of the contract.

Exit fee: 0% (at maturity of the contract or upon death of the insured)

Redemption fee:

  • before the age of 60: 5% of the theoretical surrender value;
  • after the age of 60: no fee;
  • in case of cancellation within 30 days after the effective date of the contract: no fee.

How can you track your Pension Invest Plan?

Each year you will receive an overview of your contract, including a record of any bonuses granted. Easy Banking Web allows you to consult the current state of your contract at any time.

What are the risks with this savings insurance?

This product is covered by the Guarantee Fund on the basis of the protection regime applicable to branch 21 products. It takes effect in case of prolonged failure of AG Insurance and currently covers a maximum amount of EUR 100,000 per policyholder, per insurance company. In the case of larger amounts, only the first EUR 100,000 are guaranteed, and the saver risks partially or completely forfeiting the excess amount.

Risk duration:

Your Pension Invest Plan runs until your 65th birthday, or at least ten years, if you concluded the contract after the age of 55. If you are collecting your pension capital before your 60th birthday, you will have to refund the tax benefit and pay 33% tax. Additional charges may apply for an early withdrawal of capital.

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Notice: the investor must take note of the general terms and conditions and the financial fact sheet before making an investment decision.

Legal information

The Pension Invest Plan is a savings-based insurance (branch 21) from AG Insurance, limited company under Belgian law, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis. AG Insurance sa/nv – 53 Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0404.494.849 – Accredited insurance company licensed under code number 0079, under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium, 14 Boulevard de Berlaimont, 1000 Brussels. BNP Paribas Fortis sa/nv, 3 Montagne du Parc, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0403.199.702, registered with the FSMA under n° 25.879A and acting as a contractually appointed insurance agent on behalf of AG Insurance sa/nv. For all your questions, contact any branch of BNP Paribas Fortis. In case of complaints, please contact - BNP Paribas Fortis sa/nv - Complaint Management - 3 Montagne du Parc, 1000 Brussels; - AG Insurance sa/nv, Service Complaints Management, 53 Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, B-1000 Brussels (Tel .: +32 (0) 2 664 02 00) or by email at: - Or refer to Article 21 of the General Banking Terms and Conditions. If you are not satisfied with the solutions provided by BNP Paribas Fortis and AG Insurance, you can submit the dispute to: Insurance Ombudsman, 35 Square de Meeûs, B - 1000 Brussels, or by email: