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Services and tools

Save and invest online

You can easily follow your investments yourself through your PC, tablet or smartphone. Discover the convenient features of our Easy Banking App or log in to Easy Banking Web for even more options.

  • review and analyse your investment portfolio;
  • buy and sell securities;
  • set up automatic savings or investments;
  • consult model portfolios;
  • ask for advice.

Accounts for investors

  • Your investor account holds the money you want to invest actively in euros or other currencies. Your investor account remains separate from your savings account or current account. This way it is easier for you to keep an overview.
  • Your securities account retains purchased securities, such as stocks or bonds.

Save automatically

By subscribing to an automatic savings plan, you build up a savings reserve. That way, you grow your savings on a regular basis without even thinking about it. Subscribe to automatic savings on your savings account now.

Invest automatically

With Flexinvest, you invest a fixed amount at a specified time in the fund of your choice, starting from as little as EUR 30 per month. You choose yourself when money is debited from your account. You can always adjust or terminate payments at anytime.

This gives you the opportunity to spread your investments over time, which also spreads risks.

A question? We are here for you!

Ever wondered how to make the most out of your savings? Where and when to invest? Or what risk you can afford to take? Our consultants will be delighted to answer your questions or provide advice.

Drop by

Smart investing often starts with a good conversation. Our consultants analyse your personal situation and give you tailored advice, so you can optimise the use of your savings. Make an appointment at your branch today.

Over the phone

Perform transactions, manage your investments or get more information on the solutions that we offer! Call the Easy Banking Centre for a personal conversation with one of our advisers.

We are also available outside opening hours, convenient if you do not have the time to go to a branch!

Additional service from EUR 85,000

When you invest or save at least EUR 85,000, you will , as a Priority client, enjoy free access to a number of specific services.

  • Portfolio Advice is the GPS to your investments. You're behind the wheel, but we make sure that you stay on track with insightful portfolio discussions, reports, simulations and price alerts.
  • James is at your service for quick personal advice over the phone or webcam, including on evenings and Saturdays..