Portfolio Advice: an investment GPS

Expert investment advice

Do you find it useful to be able to validate your investment choices? Portfolio Advice is the exclusive GPS to your investments. You take all the decisions yourself, but have the option to rely on your Priority Advisor and a comprehensive navigation system at all times.

What services can you expect?

Maintenance of your portfolio

During regular evaluation meetings with your trusted adviser you check whether your portfolio still matches your investor profile. In addition, your adviser tells you about recommended purchases or sales, if any.

Portfolio report

You regularly receive a portfolio report. Here we compare the return, risk and composition of your portfolio with a reference portfolio. You can discuss this report with your personal adviser.


A "flashing light" notifies you if the risk of your portfolio becomes too large for your investor profile.

Reinvestment advice

With reinvestment advice, you do not have to search for new solutions when your investments approach maturity. You will receive perfectly adapted advice that fits your portfolio and your investment profile.

Investment monitoring

Set a price alert for investments you want to track. Once one of your investments reaches a lower or upper limit, you will receive a notification.

What is included in the Portfolio Advice bundle?

  • a securities account;
  • an investor account;
  • one to four savings accounts;
  • up to ten financial assurances;
  • up to four term accounts;

Want to know more?

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